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Your Moment of Kim – 006 – There Be Your Fantasy News

Today Kim discusses how news stories of this week may be a signal of an invasion from the fantasy realms and how this may be connected to not asking Tee Morris of for a comment.

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SSDWC Post-Election Special

Our SSDWC Liason, Harry, told us that we had to do an SSDWC Post-Election Special. I told him we hadn’t gotten the first full Geek Pantheon episode out yet, but you try to argue with a shadowy organization bent on world domination…

SO, this is the SSDWC Post-Election Wrap-Up Episode – Thank Your Chosen Deity That It’s Over! No fictional candidates were harmed in the making of this podcast, although my piano may never be the same.
Stanley –,
Priscilla Spencer –
Richard Green aka Mainframe
Crystal of Squint Squad, the Bones Podcast, 3 Chicks & a Mic, and Pimp My Podcast –,,
Mark, the Encaffeinated ONE –
Hannah Dame from Four Color Heroines and –
Larissa from Future Traditions & BBTL –
AND OUR OWN NATE! SORRY NATE!!! I’m REALLY sorry… Buy you cookies?

Goldilocks & The Fortress
Vote For (2008)

SFX borrowed from Buffy Between the Lines season 2 w/permission.

Promos Played:
Future Traditions:

Fictional Candidate Websites:
Tigh/Roslin –
MacGuyver –
Cthulu (Why Choose the Lesser Evil?) –
Dr Doom wins Latveria – Yet again! –
Reed Richards –
Peanuts Rocks the Vote! –
Barbie 2008 –
Lando Calrussian/Chewbacca –

Please give feedback by iTunes Review, comment on, or by email to GeekPantheon [AT] Gmail [DOT] Com.


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Your Moment of Kim – 005 – Spooky Election Time

Today, Kim talks about the scariest thing she can think of:

That the American Public must attempt to choose between these two candidates.

She also offers some solace. And cookies.

Your Moment of Kim is a micro-cast, sharing the feed with The Geek Pantheon Podcast. Sanity is neither requested nor required.

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