Flying Imperative EP Release

Enjoy my new song, Icarus, and the first official release of a few familiar items. I’m calling it Flying Imperative.

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Geek Pantheon Promo and some notes…

Howdy – thought I’d pass y’all the new Geek Pantheon Promo.

Thank you to whoever nominated us for the Parsec Awards, because we made the cut and are a finalist for 2009!  Unfortunately, Harry doesn’t like the category “Speculative Fiction Comedy/Parody Podcast” so much…

If you will be at Dragon*Con, look and listen for me – I’ll be hanging around the podcasting track and I’ll probably be wearing yellow and dragging a guitar.  I believe I’m saving the official SSDWC lab coat and goggles for the Parsec ceremony.  I’m also planning to get to the Escape Pod grouping, and hang out with the 9th Heroescast (oh, yeah, that’s a finalist for FanCast, too!) and Buffy Between the Lines Studio people.

I’m on the “Is Mainstream Media Dying?” panel on Friday at 5:30 in Marriot A704, in case you want to be absolutely certain it’s me you’re about to talk to.

See ya soon for SSDWC Season Two!

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Your Moment of Kim – 010 – Don’t Try That Funny Stuff

Hi! Today Kim talks about some kinds of funny, which really isn’t for some reason.
We’ve also picked the winner of the contest, gave you some other news, and played some music.

Kim’s Balticon Schedule

Metamor City Radio Play Live! – Saturday, May 23rd at 7:00 pm
P.G. Holyfield Reading: Sunday, May 24th at 10:00 am


Holidays Suck
Goldilocks & The Fortress
Mad Scientist Theme
All I Want

Polar Bear Punchlines from Twitter:

“I once saw a man eat an entire penguin, or did the penguin eat an entire man… I can never remember.”

I’m so sorry. Maybe I should come in again?”


“Don Rickles is the funniest person alive!”

What can I say…I’m in my ursine period. Sorry.”

“I didn’t say that, did I?”

If you have any punchlines of your own, please comment or send an email to the podcast email – Podcast <.at.> GeekPantheon <.Dot.> Com.

If you like the show, please remember to review us on iTunes and submit us for Awards and things!

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Your Moment of Kim – 009 – Your Mongol Friends

In this episode, we warn of a new and rising threat and give you a means to combat it in your own mind.

For Your Listening Enjoyment:

Station Identification
Promo – Predestination and Other Games of Chance –
SSDWC Reminder

Geek Pantheon Contest – ends May 01 – don’t miss it!

Music used in this episode:
Holidays Suck
Goldilocks and the Fortress theme
Not What You Wanted
Mad Scientist Theme

For more about Genghis the Khan, or Temujin, please check out Wikipedia or any decent world history book.

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Your Moment of Kim – 008 – Yes Virginia, Holidays Suck

Our SSDWC media liason, Harry, would like to extend an apology to you for an inter-dimensional scheduling mix-up.

For Your Listening Enjoyment:

Apology from SSDWC Media
Yes, Virginia
Promo – Acts of Desperation –
SSDWC Holiday Wishes
Geek Pantheon Contest
Holidays Suck

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Your Moment of Kim – 007 – Your Moment of Dude

Hey Dudes!

Today, I complain about the word “Dude” entering my consciousness, in an effort to rid myself of it.  It didn’t work.  There’s a song, too.

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Your Moment of Kim – 006 – There Be Your Fantasy News

Today Kim discusses how news stories of this week may be a signal of an invasion from the fantasy realms and how this may be connected to not asking Tee Morris of for a comment.

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SSDWC Post-Election Special

Our SSDWC Liason, Harry, told us that we had to do an SSDWC Post-Election Special. I told him we hadn’t gotten the first full Geek Pantheon episode out yet, but you try to argue with a shadowy organization bent on world domination…

SO, this is the SSDWC Post-Election Wrap-Up Episode – Thank Your Chosen Deity That It’s Over! No fictional candidates were harmed in the making of this podcast, although my piano may never be the same.
Stanley –,
Priscilla Spencer –
Richard Green aka Mainframe
Crystal of Squint Squad, the Bones Podcast, 3 Chicks & a Mic, and Pimp My Podcast –,,
Mark, the Encaffeinated ONE –
Hannah Dame from Four Color Heroines and –
Larissa from Future Traditions & BBTL –
AND OUR OWN NATE! SORRY NATE!!! I’m REALLY sorry… Buy you cookies?

Goldilocks & The Fortress
Vote For (2008)

SFX borrowed from Buffy Between the Lines season 2 w/permission.

Promos Played:
Future Traditions:

Fictional Candidate Websites:
Tigh/Roslin –
MacGuyver –
Cthulu (Why Choose the Lesser Evil?) –
Dr Doom wins Latveria – Yet again! –
Reed Richards –
Peanuts Rocks the Vote! –
Barbie 2008 –
Lando Calrussian/Chewbacca –

Please give feedback by iTunes Review, comment on, or by email to GeekPantheon [AT] Gmail [DOT] Com.


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Your Moment of Kim – 005 – Spooky Election Time

Today, Kim talks about the scariest thing she can think of:

That the American Public must attempt to choose between these two candidates.

She also offers some solace. And cookies.

Your Moment of Kim is a micro-cast, sharing the feed with The Geek Pantheon Podcast. Sanity is neither requested nor required.

Like what you’ve heard? Please comment here, send an email, or visit ComicBookGoddess.Com for more Kim and links to friendly podcasts.

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Your Moment of Kim – 004 – Because the Song Already Had A Truck

-Kim spouts out about a satellite radio channel voting conspiracy.

Also, a special bonus – “Fool” by Comic Book Goddess. Released under a creative commons attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives license.

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